South Dakota Whistleblower Protections

All South Dakota citizens are protected by state and federal whistleblower laws. We have provided information about many of the laws in South Dakota below. For more information about federal laws, click here.


Government Employees

Other Whistleblower Laws

Statutes specifically protecting government whistleblowers

Grievance for Retaliation Against Whistleblower, SDCL § 3-6D-22

Parties Protected By Statute

“any person working for state government, paid by the State of South Dakota, or remunerated by other funds raised, appropriated, or otherwise generated by the state. The term does not include any person working for any authority authorized by law.”

SDCL § 3-6C-1(16)

Protected Actions Under Statute

“Reporting a violation of state law through the chain of command of the employee’s department or to the attorney general’s office or because the employee has filed a suggestion pursuant to this section.”

SDCL § 3-6D-22