Vermont Whistleblower Protections

All Vermont citizens are protected by state and federal whistleblower laws. We have provided information about many of the laws in Vermont below. For more information about federal laws, click here.



Government Employees

Other Whistleblower Laws

Statutes specifically protecting government whistleblowers

State Employees Labor Relations Act

Parties Protected By Statute

V.S.A. §973 (a)

“a state employee”

V.S.A. §972(5)

“State employee” means an individual employed on a permanent or limited status basis by the State of Vermont.

Protected Actions Under Statute

V.S.A. §973 (a)


  1. Providing to a public body a good faith report or good faith testimony that alleges an entity of state government, a state employee or official, or a person providing services to the state under contract has engaged in a violation of law or in waste, fraud, abuse of authority, or a threat to the health of employees, the public, or persons under the care of the state.
  2. Assisting or participating in a proceeding to enforce the provisions of this sub-chapter.
Specific Remedies Authorized By Statute

V.S.A. §976:

“A state employee who brings a claim in superior court may be awarded the following remedies:

  1. reinstatement of the employee to the same position, seniority, and work location held prior to the retaliatory action;
  2.  back pay, lost wages, benefits, and other remuneration;
  3. in the event of a showing of a willful, intentional, and egregious violation of this subchapter, an amount up to the amount of back pay in addition to the actual back pay;
  4. other compensatory damages;
  5. interest on back pay;
  6. appropriate injunctive relief; and
  7. reasonable costs and attorney’s fees.”

Statutes protecting whistleblowers who report fraud against government

Vermont False Claims Act


Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 32, § 630

Parties Protected By Statute

§ 638(a): “any employee, contractor, or agent.”

Protected Actions Under Statute


“lawful acts done by the employee, contractor, agent, or a person associated with the employee, contractor, or agent in furtherance of an action under section 632 of this chapter, or other efforts to stop one or more violations of this chapter.”

Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 32, § 638

Specific Remedies Authorized By Statute


“(b) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, relief under subsection (a) of this section shall include reinstatement with the same seniority status that employee, contractor, or agent would have had but for the discrimination, two times the amount of back pay, interest on the back pay, and compensation for any special damages sustained as a result of the discrimination, including litigation costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. “

General-purpose statutes protecting whistleblowers

Vt. St. Ann. Tit. 21, §§ 507-509: Whistleblower protection; health care employees; prohibitions; hearing; notice.


Vt. St. Ann. Tit. 21, §§ 507-509

Parties Protected By Statute

§ 507(b): “Any employee”

Protected Actions Under Statute


  1.  Discloses or threatens to disclose to any person or entity any activity, policy, practice, procedure, action, or failure to act of the employer or agent of the employer that the employee reasonably believes is a violation of any law or that the employee reasonably believes constitutes improper quality of patient care.
  2. Provides information to, or testifies before, any public body conducting an investigation, a hearing, or an inquiry that involves allegations that the employer has violated any law or has engaged in behavior constituting improper quality of patient care.
  3. Objects to or refuses to participate in any activity, policy, or practice of the employer or agent that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law or constitutes improper quality of patient care.